In our experience of selling the Elixirs we've found a couple of things helpful-

It's always a good idea to mention that they're all natural, in fact completely organic. There is no water in the product it's all liquid extract of herbs and flower essences. If you have a savvy customer you can mention that they contain a lot of Bach Flower Essences.

We also highly recommend the counter display, the small bottles are easily overlooked when placed on a shelf and the counter display is not only an eye-catching addition to your store decor it also keeps the elixirs neat and provides a humorous talking point at register.

The elixirs work quite quickly (you should see results in less than an hour) but because they're homeopathic you will see the dog's health improve with continued use; that's because the Elixirs work to rebalance the dogs system and thus not only address the symptoms of the problem but also address the root causes. If you'd like to direct your customers to our site we have developed some longer term programs that work together with our extracts to provide more permanent solutions for some basic problems.

For Healthy Skin Shiny Coat, we've found success in positioning this product as a complement to
Comfy Dog and Fur Butter. As you know, dry  itchy skin is a big problem for dogs and Healthy Skin is a great way to tackle this problem from the inside while using topical products on the outside. Healthy Skin is basically a detoxifier and works with the dogs lymphatic and adrenal systems to more efficiently evacuate toxins from the system. Unlike humans, dogs don't sweat through their skin so toxicity is often a common cause of health problems.

Sleepytime is of course great for anxious dogs and is especially useful around the holidays when dogs can be overwhelmed by strangers dropping over or traveling to relatives. Needless to say Sleepytime is great for puppies or hyper-hounds and perfect for the fourth of July fireworks, family vacation, trips to the vets any time your best friend's routine is disturbed or he is stressed.

We renamed Perky pup-Rebound because the product was designed not for young dogs but for older, convalescing dogs and lethargic dogs who need more energy. This usually isn't the case with puppies! Even though we thought the copy for Perky Pup was fun and engaging it missed the mark. Rebound connotes a little more of the recovery aspect and is also is more tightly targeted to older or even overweight dogs.